It seems a little dramatic or suspect to do this kind of shit, but I have an IP tracker and theres a handful of Hamilton people that are coming up in the visitor history and something about that really weirds me out because I don’t know who these people are, but they feel entitled to visit my blog without announcing themselves. It’s cool if you want to see what I’m up to. I don’t post intimate details of my life usually, and I concede there is an inherently public aspect to a blog, but Hamiltonian to Hamiltonian I hope we can agree that it does seem a little invasive to look at someone’s blog without their knowledge of consent. It’s not too hard to find me online, and I don’t want to play hide and seek, but if I go to school with you and you visit my blog, please, just tell me. It’s fine with me, but I full throatedly believe that the Internet is the greatest invention in the history of mankind, but that it cannot and should not be treated as some ruleless wild wild west. Basic codes of honesty and forthrightness should apply here. I’m not gonna go underground that long because it really hurt me to have to change my url in the first place, a url I’ve held strong for five plus years, but I’m not okay with people looking into my life without my consent. You can have it if you ask, but if you don’t know that I can’t really respect you as much as I probably would otherwise.