Tonight I ambitiously climbed two 5.8+s back to back because I mastered the first one and the second one was brand new to me, and I was rull rull regretful of that decision a little while afterwards, but then I was lead to a 5.9 where in the most technically abject, ungraceful way I got to the top of it and felt very vilified and just generally self encouraged which is always a good thing and I was only humoring the idea of starting a 5.9 this week and there we have it, one I can already go back to knowing that it IS possible - which is almost always the biggest question mark.

Nick and I frequently debate what the saddest episode of the West Wing is and he stands firmly on his though I say the ending is so hopeful and powerful I’m weeping out of relief and I stay on mine because it’s just pure emotional carnage. And then there’s one randomly in season 6 or 7 that is just low key left field devastating but I have siblings and Nick doesn’t so maybe he just DOESN’T GET IT.

I am on the cusp of my personal nightmare of a West Wing episode. I literally watch this episode when I need to cry and I even bought it on Amazon once just to watch it - and cry. I haven’t watched the full build up to it since I did my first watch through in high school, but let me tell y’all. This episode is going to wreck me in a way I invite, but in a way no person should have to go through.

I just played a Beyonce retrospective for people while playing pool and shaking my ass and what would you know I won both games. Don’t fight bey, be bey.

Tonight was supposed to be my last radio show and I offered to do a double AND I’m doing it by myself but the stations broadcasting box thing just isn’t working and my friend who’s the student director doesn’t know how to fix it and the real guy who’s in charge of it hasn’t answered my e-mail and honestly I’m not upset, I just want to know if I should peace out to go make myself dinner before rock climbing or what.

I just had to do some rapid fire googling to figure out the correct zip code to pay off a Verizon bill and let me tell you I was sweetly satisfied with my detective skills when I got it right on the second try.

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Literally all I do is throw myself around my room like the girl from Chandelier to Stay With Me every night. That’s what it takes to get to bed.

Honestly Spotify, I already own like a dozen paris of MeUndies and you’re not an australian company so what the hell is with this ad anyway??? Target my friends, please.

OOH, if this becomes the era of female collaborations then I’m gonna be over the mother fucking moooooooon.